[rt-users] mail aliases?

Nithia Govender nithia at zen.co.za
Fri Apr 28 07:35:15 EDT 2000

> ops:    |"/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate ops correspond"
> ops-action: |"/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate ops action"

> But any mail to sent to ops at mydomain doesn't end up in any queue. It 
> seems to get lost. Sendmail seems to accept it, but it's not turning 
up in
> RT. Obviously I have'nt configured this correctly, but the docs only
> mention settings up the rt aliases. Notification of requests created 
> the web go out with the correct queue name ops at domain etc, but I can't
> reply to this address. Any ideas whats wrong with my mail aliases?

I had a similar problem, but my sendmail bounced the mail saying it 
couldn't run rt-mailgate. It turns out sendmail was installed with the 
restricted shell option. It required creating a link to rt-mailgate in 
/etc/smrsh and changing  the aliases to refer to 

My sendmail is the default Redhat 6.1 installation, so maybe the 6.2 
installation does this too.

Nithia Govender

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