[rt-users] RT deletes header information from body of messages

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Fri Dec 1 13:36:23 EST 2000

Yikes. Indeed.  The line should read:

         (($headers, $body) = split ('\n\n',$lines,2))

1.0.6 will be out today or tomorrow.

On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 10:28:37AM -0800, Mark D. Anderson wrote:
> > > Unfortunately RT seems to discard the header information that
> > > is supposed to be in the body of the message to the abuse queue.
> while tracking down another bug in rt, i noticed that in lib/rt/ui/web/support.pm,
> there is this line:
>         (($headers, $body) = split ('\n\n',$lines)) or
> which is going to do the wrong thing if there is more than one double-return in the body.
> -mda
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