[rt-users] Mail-Interface of webrt 1.0.5 seems to be broken?

Florian Heyer f.heyer at sgh-net.de
Fri Dec 15 03:21:55 EST 2000

> On 00-12-14 Jesse wrote:
> > I'm pretty sure this is a shell issue and that if one puts the
> > queue name in "quotes" it should work fine. (I've got some queue
> > names with mixed case and spaces.)
> Well, could we then please get some documentation in the FAQ
> about this?
> If yes, this would be very helpful in finding the bug.
> Ciao
>      Christian

i don't think there is a bug regarding this issue. We use queue names with
mixed case letters in them and don't have any problem.
You just have to make sure that the queue name in your /etc/aliases is
_exactly_ written as it appears in RT (case sensitive!).

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