[rt-users] $mail_alias

William Graham w.graham at citr.com
Thu Jul 6 19:42:38 EDT 2000

hello -
   I inherited an unused install of RT, and am playing with it to get it
to work. A problem I found was that if the q was set to autorespond to
an email request, it would have bad 'reply-to' and 'from' fields. I then
found the config.pm file, and changed $mail_alias to the alias of the q.
This works, but I know it won't work if I have more than one q setup. Is
there anyway to setup a more 'general' address that could then route the
mail to the right q? I know this is the right answer, but have not found
the info on how to do it in the FAQ or other documenation.


William Graham
Senior Software Engineer
CiTR, Inc.
4750 Walnut Street, Suite 106
Boulder, CO  80301
303.417.0575 x27

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