[rt-users] rt v2.0

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Thu Jul 13 10:53:00 EDT 2000

> How far away is the RT v2 release now...

I guess Jesse should be more updated about the timeline of the 2.0
release.  We're currently using the development version of RT2 locally
(the current CVS version), and it actually works quite well - so I would
encourage any body who have some extra time and patience, and who doesn't
need ACLs that desperately to do the same :) 

> We're thinking about using it as a bug database. Has anybody else used it like 
> this?

Well, yes and no ... we're basically using Bugzilla for bug tracking at
the moment.  We've managed to put up some kind of linking between Bugzilla
and RT2 that works well here.  It's at least in my long-term plans to make
some "add-ons" to RT to make it better for handling bugs.

We have made a client that has a built-in bug submitting tool that
reports to RT.  This tool includes the callstack in the bug report, and
I've just hacked together some tool that checks for equal callstacks and
link together those with equal call stacks.  Later a support worker
transfers the most relevant data (through one mouse click) and links up
the request ticket with a new bug ticket in Bugzilla.

> We want seperate interfaces levels for developers and reporters, I anticipate 
> that it'll be (reasonbly) clean to do with v2, but I wouldn't think about it 
> with the current code.

Indeed :)

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