[rt-users] Autoresponder control

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Fri Jul 14 11:21:41 EDT 2000

> If a regular user submits two, ten or five hundred tickets in a week,
> they should get two, ten or five hundred receipts.  I agree that we 
> need better bounce control, but vacation-style squelching wouldn't work.

I think our viewpoints at the autoreplies are a bit different - for us,
the autoreply is just a bit of "early information" about the request
handling.  If we're backlogged so it might take more than a week getting
back to the user, he should get an autoreply stating that it might take
some time and eventually a list of other resources it's possible to find
help.  In this context, one autoreply a week is sufficient, regardless how
many tickets the requestor issues.

The other usage is like a notification or receipt that the ticket is
actually received, with the ticket id (and eventually login information
for new requestors).  Then it _is_ important that one autoreply is
sent out for every Ticket; but still I disagree that the one who issues
500 requests in i.e. one hour should get 500 autoreplies; by putting a
limit somewhere, uncontrolled loops are efficiently stopped - such extreme
amounts of requests can only be generated through loops or scripts, and if
a script really needs to get those receipts ... well, there are

My conclution is that there should be some limit, but that the limit must
be configurable.  For our usage, one autoreply pr week makes sense for
most queues - for your usage, twenty replies in three minutes might make
more sense.

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