[rt-users] how can i customize the rt web ui?

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Mon Jul 24 11:10:40 EDT 2000

> there are several things, we would like to customize in the rt's web ui (e.g. 
> colors of title bars, header fields shown in the ticket details, mail header 
> fields of replies sent to requestors etc.).  where can i do these 
> customizations?

That's very difficult - in RT1, all the web stuff is hardcoded in the
code.  In RT2, it's trivial to do local customizations, but RT 2.0 is not
released yet.  I have no clue about when it can be ready, Jesse seems
rather busy for the time beeing.  I am actually using RT2 as it is in the
CVS (just with a slightly modified config.pm and rtmux.pl) in the local
production ... but it's missing some cruical things like access control.

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