[rt-users] filter incoming mail prior to RT?

hohokus wombat hohokus at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 23 19:43:53 EDT 2000

hello --

question: is there a way to filter incoming messages and act on them 
(delete, print a copy, etc) prior to them being put into the rt queue?

example: "support at somehost.com" has an entry in /etc/aliases that puts all 
incoming mail for 'support' into a queue. you want to be able to dispose of 
certain pieces of mail without it ever reaching the RT queue, or print a 
copy of selected things and move them along into the queue.

using mandrake 7 with sendmail, procmail as the local delivery agent. 
quickly skimmed over a few man pages and came to the conclusion that entries 
in /etc/aliases would get acted on before procmail got a chance to filter -- 
is this correct?

any help appreciated, i don't want to dig into the bowels of sendmail if i 
don't have to. :)

- hohokus at hotmail.com
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