[rt-users] Web Interface Doesn't Work

Steve Isaacs Steve.Isaacs at itron.com
Fri Mar 10 09:33:07 EST 2000

Barnett Hsu wrote:
> At 10:10 AM 3/9/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> >That sounds like a permissions problem.  Either some parent of reqtrack
> >isn't readable
> >by nobody or webrt.cgi has lost its setuidness
> Ok. It looks like it was a permissions problem.
> I had to change the permissions on /usr/local/reqtrack/etc
> itself to be world read/execute.  All of the parents of
> that directory were already world read/execute.  After
> changing the permissions, the web interface appeared in
> my browser.

Actually, I found on my system that I needed to change permissions to
allow SUID (chmod +s ... ). In my opinion this slightly more secure than
allowing world read and execute access. I believe this was required
because Apache runs as wwwrun.nogroup and rt was attempting to change to
a different user which caused a permissions failure in absence of the
SUID attribute.


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