[rt-users] Some features I'd like to see

Wozz wozz+rt at wookie.net
Thu Mar 16 18:21:26 EST 2000


  I've been very happy with RT.  I have a few suggestions for features which
  I am posting  here in order to find out if they are already being worked
  on, or if there is already a way to do it.

  #1) Keystone has a nice feature that allows you to automatically mail
  different FAQ responses out to a customer.  I find myself typing the same
  responses over and over, and it'd be a real time saver to have some sort of
  faq database to send via a button.
  #2) signatures for users.  I'd like to be able to specify signature files
  for users on outgoing mail, again, to save some repetitive typing
  #3) masking outgoing mail To: addresses.  We're using RT to manage
  security/abuse complaints for an ISP.  We often times will get 30
  complaints about a user spamming.  What I typically do with these
  complaints is merge them into one ticket.  I'd love to be able to send out
  one reply when the situation is resolved and not have all the complaintants
  email addresses be in the To: line.  People get sensitive about that.  I
  see that the mail rcpt info is parsed out by the mailer, but perhaps adding
  an option to allow specifying the rcpt's outside of the message on the
  mailer command line, and putting a generic To: address so people don't see 
  all 29 other email addresses.

  Any comments on these?

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