[rt-users] Some features I'd like to see

Wozz wozz+rt at wookie.net
Thu Mar 16 23:04:53 EST 2000

On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 08:42:21PM -0500, Jesse wrote:
> 1 will be coming sometime in the 2.x series. RT is to be integrated with a knowledgebase and will allw automatic mailing of KB Articles to users.
> 2. well, there's a patch tobix wrote for this for 1.0. check out the contrib archive.
> 3. We hope to su;pport a form of hierarchical ticket sometime earli in the 2.x series. This would allow you to bind together all the abuse tickets related to a particular issue and do one update that is mailed seperately to the requestors for each ticklet


Is there a timetable on 2.0?  

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