[rt-users] Weird time in Apache

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Mon Mar 27 01:23:00 EST 2000

Sorry I didn't reply earlier. this got lost in my inbox.
It sounds like apache and SWS are running with different locales or 
somesuch. I'd look at the environment each is started from.


On Thu, Mar 09, 2000 at 05:14:01PM -0500, Rick Towns wrote:
> When I run Sun Web Server 2.1, the times in my queue look fine. I switched over to Apache 1.3.3, and I noticed that some of the time display (specifically in the details of a case) are off by 4 hours. Is there a time adjustment setting in RT that I can use? Or is this an Apache problem? (Probably, since it works fine is SWS 2.1).
> Thanks!
> Rick

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