[rt-users] can't stop creating new tickets!

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Mar 29 14:26:47 EST 2000

On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 02:20:24PM -0500, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> Sendmail does NOT have a mechanism to throttle email connection.  No MTA 
> that I've seen has this.  Kai's Spamshield hack will drop a dead route in 
> for someone who is sending greater than X (defined number) of messages, 
> based upon watching the syslog (but there are inherent problems with this, 
> such as forged syslog messages etc).
> I would think that something of this nature would be appropriate in a 
> ticket-by-email system.

I don't believe this belongs in a ticketing system. it belongs in an MTA, if
anywhere. Can we take discussion of this _off_ of rt-users, please?

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