[rt-users] Unwieldy users list...

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Wed May 3 08:57:45 EDT 2000

> One other thing I relly would like to see in rt 2.0 is a way to use a
> "self" user and password for every ticket. I.e when you are opening a
> ticket in rt you get, in addition to the ticket number, a uniqe password.
> With the ticket number and password you can authenticate yourself to the
> ticket and view and add more info to the ticket.

Yes, it is important.  We did think a bit about this approach (having some
kind of ticket-password which gave access only to one ticket) as an add-on
to 1.0, but I guess we have more or less forgotten about it.  

Jesse is currently working on a new and improved ACL system - though
simpler than the thoughts I have aired here earlier. It's loosely
documented in docs/design_docs/acl (i.e. from the CVS, tag rt-1-1).

There will be less difference between Requestors and ordinary users, and
there will be possibilities for setting up rights for requestors to see
their own tickets.  I'd say adding a random requestor password and sending
it away in an autoreply will be a trivial thing to do through the Scrips

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