[rt-users] escape certain mail-adresses vom autoreply.

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Wed May 3 10:46:38 EDT 2000

> no, what i ment is to intergrate a domain/mailname list-file in rt.
> which should escape the autoreply.
> (maby a file with regex syntax which can easily eval'd by perl)
> PS: this is a feature request;) 

I've suggested how to hack it into 1.0.  For 2.0, it will be easy to make
such site specific additions (through the Scrips system :).  Anyway, to me
this sounds like an obscure thing to do.

One exception; if you're experiencing problems with autoreplies bouncing.
We do set a "Precedence:" header in the outgoing mail, and we respect such
a header in the incoming mail.  "Precedence" is unfortunately not a part
of RFC822, but it is the de-facto way to avoid such loops, and it is
recommended by the bat book as well as in the .vacation manual.

Maybe we should add some "only send 1 autoreply a week to each unique
email address" logic a la in the vacation program, that would make sense.
I can't really understand why "block autoreply to certain addresses" might
make sense.

Tobias Brox 
aka TobiX
+47 22 925 871

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