[rt-users] External Authentication and Users

Stephen J. Lawrence Jr. stephenl at examen.com
Wed May 3 14:24:25 EDT 2000

I tried to implement this script but when I click create new user, the browser just keeps trying to load something and
sits there. I changed the values to match what I the values I use to configure netscape communicator for our ldap. Is
this the complete listing of code changes?

Rich Graves wrote:

> On Wed, 3 May 2000, R. Eriks Goodwin wrote:
> > Want to REALLY make my life wonderful?  :-)  How about integrating RT to
> > utilize Lotus Domino user lists and group lists?  Maybe even a Domino
> > interface for the database in general?  Any thoughts on this?
> Can Domino expose information via LDAP? I made some quick hacks to the
> adduser bits to autofill the full name and phone fields with Net::LDAP,
> maybe you can do something similar. This is far from real directory
> integration but it saved me a lot of typing.
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