[rt-users] Headsup! Mysql 3.23.x Instability (AKA: Keep Backups!)

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Fri May 5 17:40:15 EDT 2000

> As a hedge against a recurrence, I've turned on mysql's update logging
> by adding the "--log-update" flag to my mysql start script. This will capture
> all database changes in the event that I ever have to replay transactions.

Oh, yeah - that's generally a very good tip anyway.  Ironically, I'm
living together with some friends - one of them is a system administrator
at a web hosting firm which use mysql extensively to everything.  We
started talking about backups, and I told him how nice the logging
possibilities in mysql are, and particularly the update log, and told him
that it was very important to have this one turned on for backup purposes.

One week later he sat 24 hours in a row at his work fighting with a broken
database.  Of course he hadn't yet started that logging I suggested :)

Tobias Brox 
aka TobiX
+47 22 925 871

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