[rt-users] KILL permission question

Fabrice Laborie laborie at sbm.net.sa
Fri May 12 06:45:41 EDT 2000

hi all !

I have installed RT at our ISP 2 weeks ago ...
pple have been evaluating it ...
yesterday the management have accepted to put it in production
we will now use it for both
- problem ticket tracking ( one queue)
- change control ( as one queue and one area per type of service:
- DNS change ( one queue , and one area per domain we host)

so congratulation to the dev. team .... I am really looking forward to

I have a question:

I know there are 4 kind of rights: no access / display / manipulate /

I am surprised to see that someone with manipulate right can KILL a
Ticket ???
is this a bug ? an error in my installation ?
if I assign a problem to my colleague, I don't want HIM to be able to
KILL it ...
it should be possible only by an Admin right ?
he should be able to reply/comment but not KILL ....

am I doing something wrong ?

thanks for your help/comments

Fabrice Laborie

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