[rt-users] performance question

Stephen Hauskins stephen at mendel.ucsc.edu
Thu May 18 18:40:57 EDT 2000

Well it sound like you have more than adequate cpu power.

RAM is a little on the small side, if this box is a server???

If it is a server make sure you don;t have memory contention issues,
i.e. lots of users/programs running, lots of memory page swapping

> hi,
> On Thu, May 18, 2000 at 03:19:40PM -0700, Stephen Hauskins wrote:
> > I think the first question would be, what you are running RT on?
> ah well, i knew i will forget something, so here is the other
> information.
> > Maybe you just have a slow computer, limited RAM, slow access hard 
> > drive etc.
> computer: 21164 533mhz alpha pc164sx, 128mb sdram, some fujitsu
> ide harddisk model: MPC3043AT.
> i tried to find some information on this kind of harddisk but
> failed, mostly due to their fsck'ing website. i press a button
> which should bring me to descriptions to harddisk models,
> including the one above, but get back to the starting page :(.
> so long
> Othmar

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