[rt-users] root & admin mail

Anil Madhavapeddy anil at recoil.org
Mon May 22 07:52:02 EDT 2000

>  I've just installed RT, and it seems to be exactly what I was looking
> for. I made all the queues I think I need, however, every time that
> a request is made, root gets an email too - not something I like. I was
> thinking of having an "rtadmin" user, which gets all the mails - or better
> yet, some way of stopping routine mails going to the queue admins, as well
> as the queue members.
>  Is this possible ? I tryed to give the user "root" no access to any
> queues, but when I hit update, it resets the root access to be "Admin".

The first thing I do after installing RT is to remove the 'root'
user ... why do you need it?

Just create yourself a user, and assign yourself as an RT admin, and
then nuke the root one.

Also, in the queue configuration, there are options to control whether
or not list owners get email etc, so perhaps looking there would help as


Anil Madhavapeddy, <anil at recoil.org>

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