[rt-users] Install help - database connection problem

Drew Sanford drew at planetwe.com
Tue May 30 17:38:14 EDT 2000

	I'm working on a couple of things. First, I'm using FreeBSD, and
couldn't get the install to work, so I decided I'd go on and make an rt port
for FreeBSD. Thats gotten me a lot further than I got before. Now I'm running
into an internal server error, it appears that mysql is not recongnizing my
passwort for the rt user. I have taken care to put the password in the right
place on in the makefile, and double checked that it's right, but it still
won't connect. Are there any reasons why rt shouldn't be able to connect if the
password is in the Makefile and correct?

Drew Sanford
Systems Administrator
Email: drew at planetwe.com

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