[rt-users] Logging in doesn't work

Wouter Hanegraaff wouter at blub.net
Tue Nov 7 06:49:28 EST 2000


I am having serious trouble logging into the web interface. I set warn
on all cookies in my browser (netscape 4.75) to track what's going on.

First, I log in, and wants to set two cookies, RT_PASSWORD and
RT_USERNAME. I allow the cookies, and am presented with the queue
screen. Then, I click on one of the serial numbers to view the events.
Now, I get again two cookie requests, again for RT_PASSWORD and
RT_USERNAME. But now both are *reset* to the empty string, and
consequently I end up at the login screen.

One sort of workaround seems to be pressing shift-reload directly after
logging in. Now the cookies are set to the correct values, and from then
I am able to view requests. 

When I'm using webrt, I also noted that the pages are not always
refreshed: sometimes, when opening a request, the latest changes are not
visible until I shift-reload that page.

What's going on? 


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