[rt-users] change of due date via mailgate

Eric Goodman ericg at cats.ucsc.edu
Tue Nov 14 12:42:32 EST 2000

[Resend now that Jesse points out that mail is again working --- Eric]

>I am checking mailgate interface and found strange thing.
>- - - - - - - - - return from RT - - - - - - - - -
>Thank you for taking some action:
>>  %rt user kimura
>RT: Username kimura noticed.
>>  pass ***** RT: You are now authenticated as kimura.
>>  %rt set due 4 11/09/00
>RT: Date due changed to Thu, Jan 1 1970 09:00:00 (53)
>This is regarded as Unix's start date, I believe.  So, the input 
>will be wrong with FreeBSD4.1.  This also happens in the format 
>Does somebody know correct date format for this?

I've sent this out a couple of times on this list, but I haven't been 
good enough to actually post a patch. I should have checked with 
Jesse as to whether this fix is in 1.0.5 when he called for comments, 
but I was out (offline) sick. Here's the deal with date due in at 
least the older RT versions:

>There is a bug in rt/lib/rt/ui/mail/manipulate.pm in the "SET due" 
>handler. The function call
>   ($trans, $message)=
>       &rt::change_due_date($serial_no, $date_due, $current_user);
>is wrong. The second argument should be "$due_date", not "$date_due".
>Also, there's another minor error in the "date_parse" routine in 
>rt/lib/rt/support/utils.pm. This routine will parse, e.g., 4/30/00 
>to $month=4, $day=30, $year=2000, but timelocal (to which this value 
>is later passed) expects months counting from 0, so most of the 
>"$month = $n" statements should really be "$month = $n - 1".

If someone will point me to a primer on creating "patch" utils (I'm 
sure it's easy but I just haven't done it before), and if Jesse says 
it's not fixed in 1.0.5, I can spend some time to create and submit a 
more formal patch.

I know that these problems are being addressed in 2.0, I just don't 
know about versions of 1.0.x.

--- Eric

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