[rt-users] thanks for help and one more question

Max Mismetti max at mediaworks.com.br
Wed Nov 22 13:12:21 EST 2000

the problem i just emailed about was really permissions. i'm so confused
after all these days compiling and installing stuff for the 1st time... i
had already dealt with permissions but forgot about it.

anyway, the problem i WAS trying to solve when i created that one was that
when i try to access either webrt.cgi and admin-webrt.cgi i get a "500
internal server error".

i read some old archives of this mailing list (btw, where are the new ones)
on the web that it was a matter of upgrading the CGI.pm.

well, so i did and still i get the 500 error...

PS: also, if someone can give me some sorts of hints as how to use RT, cuz
despite seeing the "Welcome to Request Tracker 1.0.4" message and setting
the alias on /etc i can't get it to work, and i'm sure it's just a matter of


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