[rt-users] User wrong when creating request via mailgate

Jelle van Zeijl jelle at West.NL
Fri Nov 24 10:19:04 EST 2000


We're using RT for managing support requests but now we've got a problem
when creating requests via email.  We're in the process of moving from
1.0.1 to 1.0.5 (still testing our local changes) but I've tested the
problem we have with a vanilla 1.0.5 installation.

All our users have an RT user name of their firstname and all operations
via the Web interface work fine.

The problem: If a user wants to create a new request by sending email to
the queue specific email address (that pipes it in the rt-mailgate
command) it will complain via return-email that they have no permission
to create requests in that queue.

The user is allowed to manipulate the queue (so create requests) but is
recognised as "user at domain.com" instead of just "user" although the
email address of "user" is set to "user at domain.com".

I suspected that there should be a conversion from email address to RT
user name somewhere down the line.  So I added that to
lib/rt/ui/mail/manipulate.pm::parse_headers().  Ok, that works, the user
can create requests!  But now the requestor of the new request is set to
"user@" probably because $current_user and $requestors are set the same
somewhere and the call to lib/rt/support/utils.pm::norm_requestors() in
add_new_request() which tries to append "@rt::domain" but "rt::domain"
is never set...

Then I gave up and now I turn to you.

Should I:
- just rename all our users to their email address, or
- move the conversion of email address to RT user to some other place, or
- turn on the option for allowing non-members to create requests
- wait for RT 2
- have a nice weekend

Any ideas or suggestions?


-- Jelle van Zeijl - jelle at west.nl - West Consulting B.V. --

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