[rt-users] RT deletes header information from body of messages

Andre Esser aesser at netcologne.de
Thu Nov 30 10:55:09 EST 2000


I am using rt-1.0.4, sendmail and stripmime for handling
incoming mails to our abuse department.

I have the following problem:

mostly the queue receives mails about mail relaying/spam, the
body of these complaint mails includes the headers from these
spam mails.

Unfortunately RT seems to discard the header information that
is supposed to be in the body of the message to the abuse queue.

This does not happen all the time but only with some mails, I can't
find any regularity. 

I do receive copies of these complaint mails in a regular POP3 account too.
When I send a copy from the POP3 account to RT, the necessary headers are
included - soooooooo this seems to be a problem with certain mail clients?

Or maybe not ? Any idea ?

Thanx for help

Andre Esser
Andre Esser
NetCologne GmbH
aesser at netcologne.de

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