[rt-users] httpd.conf weird

Sheeri awfief at phoenix.cs.brandeis.edu
Sun Oct 8 10:02:59 EDT 2000

So, I've been using rt for a while.  After seeing Jesse last night, I
decided to open it up and see what tickets I've closed and opened, what I
can get rid of, etc.

Anyway, I typed in the correct URL (which happens to be just in case anyone's curious) and I
got a Not Found error:  "The requested URL /rt/webrt.cgi was not found
on this server."  I played around for a while, and found out the

/rt/ is aliases to both of the following:

Alias /rt/ "/opt/rt/lib/images/"
ScriptAlias /rt/ "/opt/rt/bin/cgi/"


Alias /rt/ "/opt/rt/lib/images/"

is commented, I can open webrt.cgi using the URL I always use -- except
that all the images are broken.  harrumph.  How come this configuration
isn't working?  It's worked before, I haven't touched it (of course).  The
only thing I can think of is that I've rebooted since the last time I used
rt (which was 12 days ago). 


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