[rt-users] httpd.conf weird

Sheeri awfief at cs.brandeis.edu
Sun Oct 8 12:54:27 EDT 2000

Thanks very much.  You were absolutely correct.

(although, it's very bizarre, because up until today it had been working
fine.  I wonder how I changed that file without me knowing.)


On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Robert Spier wrote:

> >>>>> "S" == Sheeri  <awfief at phoenix.cs.brandeis.edu> writes:
> S> /rt/ is aliases to both of the following:
> S> Alias /rt/ "/opt/rt/lib/images/" ScriptAlias /rt/
> S> "/opt/rt/bin/cgi/"
> You haven't followed the installation instructions.
> I believe one of those should be /webrt/

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