[rt-users] web interface kicks me out repeatedly

Greg White gregwhite at ihermes.com
Fri Oct 13 00:10:51 EDT 2000

Jesse wrote:
> There are a couple of things that can cause that:
>         1. Having your web traffic originate from multiple IPs.
>                 Fix: take out a line of code in auth.pm. Ping me if you want it
>         2. Having a browser that swallows cookies.
>                 Fix: Turn on "notify me of all cookies" and make sure things look ok
>                 or make sure that RT is set to "send cookies to all scripts" aka the IE bug.
>          If neither of those are it, we should do some off-list debugging.
I have the same issue -- also behind a NAT, but again, no NAT between me
and the host.
Constantly logs me out -- only way around it (discovered by accident) is
to use a proxy -- specifically Squid, but any proxy may work (I use
squid both @ home and @ work).

Love to see that hack to auth.pm...


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