[rt-users] Daemon user conflict

Daniel Yacob yacob at geez.org
Fri Oct 13 11:39:37 EDT 2000


I've just joined the list and am afraid I might me covering old territory
here.  Can someone direct me to list archives please?  I did go thru
the FAQ before composing this message, and didn't find it included there.

I've encountered a problem when replying to a message sent by any of the
rt aliases I've created.  It appears to be a permission conflict between
sendmail and rt.

Relevant Software:

	RT 1.0.4
	Debian 2.2
    Perl 5.005_03
	Sendmail 8.9.3-21

The error:


   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
|"/home/rt/bin/rt-mailgate general correspond"
    (expanded from: <rt-ethiolink at geez.org>)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
Could not create dir /home/rt/transactions/2000/Oct: Permission denied
554 |"/home/rt/bin/rt-mailgate general correspond"... unknown mailer error 13


I did check the FAQ which contained another a similar question but more
to do with smrsh not allowing rt-mailgate to be run at all.  In this
case rt-mailgate appears to run but gets a permission problem trying
to create the "Oct" directory.  The Oct directory is already there in
fact so I'm surprised it is trying to create it in the first place.

I move my Oct directory to Oct-bak and resent the message, this time it
was fine but the directory was then owned by "daemon" which is the userid
that sendmail runs as.

Afterward running thru webrt didn't work.  Before I go and simply make
everything world readable and writable under my transactions directory,
what can readers here recommend?

any help appreciated,


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