[rt-users] Purging OLD requests...

Jill Lundquist jill at chezns.org
Thu Oct 26 01:19:55 EDT 2000

>As far as I know, nobody's eve3r written the RT data warehousing tool which 
>would take old requests and transactions and move them to an archival database.
>Basically, you want to make sure you yank both tickets and transactions.  If
>this is merely a performance issue, there may be other ways to deal. (Column indexes, etc.)

Is the warehousing tool feasible in your opinion?  Is it the right way to
do it?

It seems to me that an innate weakness of the system is that it would always
get bigger, and that it would be impossible to run a queue with any kind of
turnover for more than n years before having to start over.  Some way to
warehouse the old transactions would be very useful after a long time 
running, or a shorter time with a very busy queue.  


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