[rt-users] Why I have not permission to create requests?

Serge Torop tsp at peterlink.ru
Fri Oct 27 05:17:58 EDT 2000


I have reply from RT:

Subject: [Request-Tracker-System #0] (_rt_system) RT Error: test
From: root <rt at peterlink.ru>
To: tsp at peterlink.ru
X-Request-ID: 0
Precedence: bulk

There has been an error:
There has been an error with your request:
You don't have permission to create requests in this queue

Your message is reproduced below:


Why I can't to create request from my e-mail?

I send request to RT by:
rt:             |"/etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate suppbase correspond"

using v1.0.4, Linux RH6.2, Perl 5.00503

Serge P. Torop
St.Petersburg, Russia

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