[rt-users] please help me Boss!!

Frank Thommen thommen at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Sep 5 08:17:32 EDT 2000


> 1. I need to change the look & feel of the Queue owners page, where messages are seen & replied, Please tell me which file do I need to edit & I guess I will need to re-complie it so how shoul dI do that.

in your source tree, edit the files lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm, 
lib/rt/ui/web/forms.pm and lib/rt/ui/web/support.pm.


> 2.I do not want Email Headers & Mime info "(in case of HTML format)emails to be displayed in the queue owners screen.
> How to remove it.

in your source tree you edit the file lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm.  change 
"all" in the line


to whatever header field you *want* to see on the screen.  it's probably 
around line 779.


all this applies to the *web* interface and version 1.0.3 of rt!

after editing go to your source root directory and type "make upgrade".



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