[rt-users] %RT HELP

Frans Stekelenburg gjs at acriter.com
Tue Sep 19 05:16:15 EDT 2000

Two questions about the mail gateway (& %RT HELP)

1. If I send "%RT HELP" to a rt mail address, this actually gets logged
as a request (?), and I don't get the expected response back.....
However, after setting the new #req to 'resolved' and commenting on it-
I DO get the output found at the end of this message.....     Whats'up?

2. I expected a lot less than what seems to be possible (see below) :-)
    But what I DID expected to find, but seemingly is not available, is
a command or option to REQUEST the STATUS/OVERVIEW of (one of my)
requests, through mail.
    Sometimes users may want to retrieve the request's record to get an
overview of what is going on and has been done.
    Not possible?



Thank you for taking some action:

        Mail Mode for RT 1.0.4 by jesse vincent <jesse at fsck.com>
        Command Summary

        RT commands are prefixed by %RT and are case insensitive.
        statements in the order you enter them.

        %RT USER <username>
        will tell RT who you really are.

        %RT PASS <password>
        will authenticate you to RT, provided you've already executed a

        %RT TAKE <num>
        will take request <num>

        %RT UNTAKE <num>
        will give away request <num>, provided you own it.

        %RT STEAL <num>
        will take request <num>, provided someone else owns it.

        %RT RESOLVE <num>
        will resolve request <num>.

        %RT OPEN <num>
        will open request <num>.

        %RT STALL <num>
        will stall request <num>.

        %RT KILL <num> yes
        will kill request <num>.

        %RT MERGE <num1> [INTO] <num2>
        will merge request <num2> into request <num2>.

        %RT SET owner <num> <user>
        will set request <num>'s owner to <user>.

        %RT SET queue <num> <queue>
        will set request <num>'s queue to <queue>.

        %RT SET area <num> <area>
        will set request <num>'s area to <aera>.

        %RT SET due <num> <date>
        will set request <num>'s due date to <date>. <date> should
        be in the form MM/DD/YY.

        %RT SET prio <num> <prio>
        will set request <num>'s priority to <prio>.

        %RT SET final <num> <prio>
        will set request <num>'s final priority to <prio>.

        %RT SET status <num> (open|closed|stalled|dead yes)
        will set request <num>'s status to (open|closed|stalled|dead).

        %RT SET user <num> <email>
        will set request <num>'s requestor(s) to the comma-delineated,
        quote-enclosed string <email>.

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