[rt-users] please help me Boss!!

Frans Stekelenburg gjs at acriter.com
Wed Sep 20 08:42:15 EDT 2000

> > 2.I do not want Email Headers & Mime info "(in case of HTML format)emails to be displayed in the queue owners screen.
> > How to remove it.
> in your source tree you edit the file lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm.  change
> "all" in the line
> &rt::ui::web::print_transaction('all','received',$rt::req[$serial_num]{'trans'}
> [$temp]{'content'});
> to whatever header field you *want* to see on the screen.  it's probably
> around line 779.

(This may have already been said, but oh well...)
Actually you can change '"all"  to "none"  for no headers.

If you do want SOME of them then change "all" to "From|To|Subject|.... etc."
You HAVE to use the |'s to actually make them work (documentation????).

See support.pm and look for 'print_' to get an idea of how it's handled.

> - ---
> all this applies to the *web* interface and version 1.0.3 of rt!
> after editing go to your source root directory and type "make upgrade".

Or just alter it directly in the installed tree, I guess, and hit Reload:-)


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