[rt-users] command line bug?

Percynski, Fred Fred.Percynski at divine.com
Sun Dec 2 14:40:50 EST 2001

As for the priority problem that is a bug in the CLI.  I think Jesse
said it will be fixed in 2.0.10.  But you can fix it now by modifying
the rt script.  Find the section that has this line
# {{{ Check if we're creating, if so, create the ticket and be done
In that section is the line
Priority => $priority, 
Change that line to
InitialPriority => $priority,

I have never used keywords from the CLI so I can't help with that

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I am trying to import a bunch of tickets from the commandline program
and seem to be having difficulty setting priority and keywords when
creating tickets. I am using the following:

/usr/local/rt2/bin/rt --verbose --create --status=open --owner=13
--queue=7 --subject='Evaluate Additional Payment pig' --priority=25
--keywords+15/20 --noedit

The keywords are never set and the priority remains 0. 

i do get the following response: 

15/20Ticket 53 created in queue 'dev::changes'. 

Seems a little strange... 

Any ideas? 


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