[rt-users] rt command changed? No RT user found...

matthew zeier matthew.zeier at thirdcoast.net
Sun Dec 2 17:53:42 EST 2001

My nag script used /opt/rt2/bin/rt to do it's work.  After upgrading to
2.0.9 I noticed that the script stopped sending out emails.  If I run it as
any user other than root, I get the following error:

mrz at irv1-core [~/] 526> /opt/rt2/bin/rt

No RT user found. Please consult your RT administrator.

Looking through the src, I see that GetCurrentUser "Figures out the uid of
the current user and returns an RT::CurrentUser object loaded with that
user.  if the current user isn't found, returns a copy of RT::Nobody."

That doesn't appear to be working anymore or I lost whatever RT:Nobody is.

matthew zeier - "In mathematics you don't understand things.  You just
get used to them." - John von Newmann

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