[rt-users] Limiting SPAM into rt2 system.

Marcus lists at wordit.com
Mon Dec 3 18:13:33 EST 2001

On 03.12.01 at 12:17 Peter Losher wrote:
>We already do use the RBL, and have for a long time ;)  While it does
>good job in a lot of respects, a lot of spam still gets through.

Well, the other day I got the message below. It's from a system whereby
you have to reply once to be added to the accepted addresses list. When
you answer, the mail is delivered, and your address is kept and you
won't be asked to confirm again. Otherwise the mail is not delivered.

[ This notice was generated by TMDA v0.41 <http://tmda.sf.net/>,
  an automated junk-mail reduction system. ]

The homepage is actually:


Would that kind of thing be an option?


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