[rt-users] how do I install insert_condition.pl?

Matt Plec matt at nothingreal.com
Thu Dec 6 22:09:26 EST 2001

Hi Dwayne -

I was similarly puzzled. It turned out to be pretty easy. Here's what
I did:

put OwnerChange.pm in rt2/lib/RT/Condition/

and then added a row to the ScripCondiditions table with the values in
insert_condition.pl which seems to just be a convenience script to do
it for you. Doing it by hand does not seem to have caused any problems
for me; my OnOwnerChange scrips are firing as expected.


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> Hi,
> I've read the docs (blank) and searched the archives
> (question asked but
> not answered satisfactorily, yes I looked at the perldoc for
> RT::Condition::Generic, and it did not answer my question).
> Extremely simple question:
> I am running 2.0.9.
> I downloaded the following 2 files from the contib archive for 2.0:
> OwnerChange.pm  insert_condition.pl
> How do I install them?
> Dwayne
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