[rt-users] WebExternalAuth in config.pm

Richard Fedoriuk rfedoriuk at rnm.ca
Mon Dec 10 14:43:37 EST 2001

Hi Christian...

still plugging away here,

re: "... > '$REMOTE_USER has been set to the same user...'

     How did you verify this variable's setting?..."

this might be the crux... I setup an 'env.pl' script and ran it,
there is no "REMOTE_USER" listing in the result...

at first, I just set REMOTE_USER in the profiles for root and
nobody... d-uh that didn't work... tried setting it using a
<Perl> tag in httpd.conf... nope

any suggestions how this can be set? the AuthUserFile etc is working
at the browser level (with additions as you pointed out), but still
no access via my external cgi-script...

again, appreciate your help very much,

 - Richard
  Richard Fedoriuk
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Yes, I successfully use external authentication with RT. I actually use an
external LDAP instead of a local file, but the behavior on RT's side
should be identical as this difference is at a lower layer.

>   <VirtualHost>
>      DocumentRoot /opt/rt2/WebRT/html
>      ServerName localhost
>      PerlModule Apache::DBI
>      PerlFreshRestart On
>      PerlRequire /opt/rt2/bin/webmux.pl
>      <Directory /opt/rt2/WebRT/html>
>        AuthUserFile /opt/rt2/rtremote
>        require valid-user
>      </Directory>
>      <Location />
>       SetHandler perl-script
>       PerlHandler RT::Mason
>      </Location>
>   </VirtualHost>

Perhaps you submitted an abridged version of your configuration file, but
AuthName and AuthType are required directives.

> $REMOTE_USER has been set to the same user...

How did you verify this variable's setting?


Christian Gilmore
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Web Infrastructure & Tools
IBM Software Group

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