[rt-users] Best practices?

John DeBerry jdeberry at townnews.com
Mon Dec 10 15:34:09 EST 2001


This is what we use for our scrips:

  OnResolve NotifyRequestors Resolved
  OnCorrespond NotifyRequestorsAndCcs Correspondence
  OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors Autoreply
  OnCorrespond NotifyOwner AdminCorrespondence
  OnComment NotifyOwnerAsComment AdminComment

I think you have a missing OnCorrespond for your Owners. :)


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So I have RT 2.0.9 up and running superbly (debian rocks). But I have some
questions for the group on using RT efficiently. I have the following global
scrips setup:
OnCorrespond NotifyRequestors with template Correspondence
OnCreate NotifyAdminCcs with template Transaction
When a new message comes into support a message is sent to the people I have
designated as AdminCCs for the queue saying that there is a new ticket. One
of them then logs into RT, Takes, Opens and Replies to the ticket. Here is
where the problem comes in; if the requestor than replies to the reply, the
ticket owner never finds out about this. He/she has to periodically go in
and read each one of his/her tickets to see if any correspondance has
arrived on it.
It would be very valuable to me (and many other probably) to get some
submissions on how different organizations are using RT. Specifically:
when does someone take a ticket?
when do they change a ticket from new to open?
when do you resolve a ticket?
how do you have your scrips setup?
Thank you to anyone who answers.
Jeremy Freeman
Chief Technical Engineer
Sporg Internet Corporation

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