[rt-users] More on best practices

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Wed Dec 12 10:47:02 EST 2001

Carrie Coy wrote:
> We're getting ready to launch RequestTracker in a ~300 employee (6
> developers/4 sys admin types) company that has no existing problem
> tracking system.   I welcome advice on how to set up queues and
> front-end.
> What's better?  A couple queues (development, support) with
> keyword-tagged requests (Hardware/Software/SysAdmin)?   More queues
> (Database development, Database bugs, Printing, Email, PC, Web, Dial-up,
> SysAdministration, etc)?


> A "Success Stories" section with contributions from RT fans would be an
> incredibly helpful addition to the documentation.
> Thanks,
> Carrie Coy

We have a single queue without key words and stuff, and rt works well for an IT
team of five supporting about 230 people locally and 400 nation wide.


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