[rt-users] Can't seem to get right ver of DBD

Raymond Norton ray at bbe.k12.mn.us
Wed Dec 19 20:54:32 EST 2001

Can I do a typescript and make it available? There was one area I was
not sure about. It asked me what drivers to install. #1 was MySQL only, I
can't remember what 2 and 3 were, but I do know the default selection was 3.
When I selected it I was asked where the include file in the directory
Hughes was, or
something like that. I accepted the default, but it errors out, saying the
directory did not exist. I then restarted fixdeps, and selected MySQL driver
only. That allowed me to run it all the way through with errors at the end.
I made
another post today showing the errors I got.

Here is the info from my last post

 I am down to my last dependency (DBD) for 2.9 . This is what I get when
using cpan to install mysql-mysql-modules-1.2219.

 t/akmisc.t  Total = 351 Fail = 1 Failed = 0.28% List of failed = 44
t/mysql.t    Total = 68  Fail = 1 Failed = 1.47% List of failed = 23

Thanks for your help


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