[rt-users] 2.0.9 bogs with >10K tickets

Darren Nickerson darren at dazza.org
Thu Dec 20 12:27:40 EST 2001

>>>>> On Thu, 20 Dec 2001, "Steve" == Steve Poirier wrote:

  Steve> Hi Darren,

  Steve> Check at archive there are some posts on indexes you can apply to your
  Steve> db which greatly improves performance if you hardware is suitable for
  Steve> the operations of your box. 10,000 tickets is relativaly small for a
  Steve> MySQL database considering the schema of the archive.

Thanks Steve, I DID check the archives before bothering the list and I thought
I only saw posts which referred to the 1.x release series of RT. I has assumed
that 2.0.9 would have included much of that.

I'll take a closer look.


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