[rt-users] REQ to RT2 Conversion.

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Wed Dec 26 16:29:25 EST 2001

My code to convert a req queue to RT2 is now available from:


	( Jesse, these files can go into contrib now )

This is based on Daniel R's YaR2R routines for RT1 and others (see the
code).  It has been tested with RT2.0.9 (MySQL backend) with a database
set of ~40,000 tickets.  (With ~100 tickets per run for other reasons)


	Won't fix possibly broken req tickets
		Can create multiple (identical) transactions if repeatedly
		called on the same broken ticket (state is on success)
	Not tested under databases other than MySQL (newTS_drop())
	Only tested under 2.0.9.
	Usage is longer than one screen


	No-SQL mode to test the validity of your req queue.
	Can exit after a given number of tickets.
	Can keep state, so next invocation won't do multiple imports.
	Can be used just to update a known ticket set
		( Useful if a particular ticket # marks req to rt )
	Provides an abstraction layer if wanting to convert req to


                             Bruce Campbell                            RIPE

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