[rt-users] RT buglet: users in groups also need privs?

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Thu Dec 27 13:52:36 EST 2001

On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, Jesse Vincent wrote:

> If you take a look in the web ui, there's more description about the
> "privileged" flag.  Think of it as the difference between staff-members
> and random users who send mail to the ticketing system.  Users should
> have the 'prvileged' flag set to be granted anything other than
> requestor/everyone role rights.

Yes, but... I've created these users (for chop'n'slice /etc/passwd etc)
and added them all to a particular group.  That group has been given
privileges on a particular queue.  Ergo, the users in that group have
privileges on the queue... as long as each user has the privileged flag
set.  The latter isn't what I was expecting.

The comment in RT/CurrentUser.pm states this explicitly (Returns true if
the current user can be granted rights and be a member of groups), but the
WebUI/Other docs doesn't quite state this.

So, not a bug, a documentation issue ;)

                             Bruce Campbell                            RIPE

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