[rt-users] RT 1.0.2 working with qmail?

Nathan J. Mehl memory at blank.org
Fri Feb 2 23:42:24 EST 2001

In the immortal words of johnny (johnny at anodns.com):
> I have problem with RT 1.0.2.
> Everything is okie (web interface), except the mail part, which RT cannot
> be reach by email.
> I see the configuration part, where there is sendmail option (and i know RT
> is working with Sendmail).
> Since i am using qmail, how can i make RT work?
> Any advice?
> Should i recompile RT?
> Inside the makefile, thereis option for Mail and MailOption.
> Should i change to qmail and what is the equivalent for qmail?
> Is there any archives that i can access? i think this question must be
> asked before.

Using qmail with RT is pretty straight forward.  You just do the
(simple) mental work of translating RT's suggested /etc/alias entries
into /var/qmail/alias/.qmail files.

As I recall, no other changes were necessary.


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