[rt-users] rt 1.0.7 and Emacs integration

Rich West Rich.West at divatv.com
Tue Feb 20 11:43:29 EST 2001

You aren't going to like it, but I've got just one phrase for you:


IMHO, having all of that email go to your mailbox/mail spool, aside from
being an extra layer of pain, is messier than anything.

Using RT as a helpdesk (as it was designed) is more of a philosophy than
anything else and really is a separation of help requests from the rest of
the email out there.  Moving away from using your personal mailbox as a
catch-all for every email under the sun would be more productive.  Procmail
and the like may work nicely for mailing lists & such, but RT is so much
more than a simple mailing list.


> We're getting ready to roll out rt 1.0.7 for internal use, and while I
> like it miles better than Remedy, there is one shortcoming for me.
> I'm a die-hard emacs user, and I use VM to read email inside emacs.
> Does anyone know of any emacs mode for using rt under emacs?  That
> would make me really really happy.
> I know I can just do stuff via email with %RT commands, but a full
> mode would probably be better in some ways.  Or even a sub-mode for VM
> would be great.
> Thanks for any help/hints.

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