[rt-users] [rt-announce] RT2 Alpha 4

Karel P Kerezman rael at zero.kgon.com
Thu Feb 22 14:02:31 EST 2001

On 22 Feb 2001 01:09:09 -0500, Jesse wrote:
> I'm proud to announce the release of RT2 Alpha 4. (tagged as RT 1.3.41).
> This release features signficant stabilization relative to alpha 3.
> A full CLI admin tool has been written. ACLs are now enforced throughout
> the system.  Various things have been prettified.  It just generally
> _works_ much better than alpha 3 did.

I look forward to trying it out, and I really dig the automated-CPAN
trick for getting Perl modules installed... but I can't seem to get
HTML::Mason to install. Is that going to hold up everything, or should I
proceed setting up the "Beta RT Rig" anyway?

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