[rt-users] Help - RT fails on RH 7 from DBI

Nick Christopher nwc at visionics.com
Tue Feb 27 14:02:15 EST 2001

I've a stock RH 7 box (perl 5.6.0) and I tried to installed  RT 1.0.7.
I've don it on older boxes. It's testdeps was happy. But I get the
imfamous DBI line 182 error in apaches errors_log.

I answered the questions in Bundle::Mysql correctly.

What stumps me is that:

    perl -MCPAN -e shell
    install Bundle::DBI

Fails!!!   Nothing I can do will get the DBI module to install short of
forcing it (which didn't help). I get various errors related to the
proxy test and complaints about RPC::PlServer which also will not
install unless forced though it gives very cryptic errors.

Has anyone got RT working on RH 7 ?

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